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Is your dog suffering from Canine Lymphoma Cancer or related symptoms?

This product is amazing!

If you're looking for a simple way to help your dog's lymphoma cancer once-and-for-all.

Then I can help.

After 15 years of helping more than 300,000 pets, it's amazing how fast this works!

Dear Nu Vet

I just have to say that I believe Nu Vet has saved my Chihuahua.

Back in February I took my 9 year old Chihuahua Toby in to have his teeth cleaned, and asked the vet to take a look at his belly because it looked bloated.

I received a call from her not long after I dropped him off, saying that he had a huge mass. The vet said she had never seen one of that size in comparison to his size.

After exploratory surgery I was told he may live for two weeks and that was pushing it. I brought him home expecting the worse.

My sister happens to be a rep for your product and told me to try it, what did I have to loose. I ordered a bottle and started giving it to him and my other Chihuahua.

Not only is Toby still around today (9 months later), but he looks the best he has ever looked. He no longer has eye stains, he has finally grown hair on his chest, which he has never had.

I went back to the vet to get his nails trimmed and she did an x-ray because she could not believe Toby was still around. The mass has actually shrunk to half the original size. He is now called the "Miracle Dog" at the vets office.

Thank you new vet, I feel like you have given me the greatest gift I could ever ask for!!


Laura Lawson
Suttons Bay, Michigan

Results may vary. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and not intended to guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results.


 From: John Landon

 Dear Friend,

I recently spoke to my breeder because my poor dog was diagnosed with Cancer.

My beloved pet had already endured countless vet visits and a bunch of medications which cost me thousands of dollars. And the worst part was my dog’s symptoms kept coming back and her condition only got worse.

Thankfully she introduced me to a nutritional supplement that was a real life saver.  I always wondered how she kept her own dogs so healthy, disease and cancer free and now I finally discovered the secret of how she does it. 

It’s a simple all-natural, water-soluble wafer that I give to my dog daily.  After 6-8 weeks, your dog's lymphoma can be dramatically reduced or gone forever.

Because it is water soluble and easily digested its safe for my dog's sensitive stomach and does not interfere with any medication’s I have to give her.

What completely encouraged me was the fact that this was not some temporary fix or symptom cover up.

Instead, it permanently eliminates the problem at the source by utilizing natural anti-inflammatories like Shark Cartilage, which cuts off the blood supply and prevents blood supply to tumors, shrinking them effectively. 

It concurrently strengthens the immune system and improves the dog's ability to absorb and process crucial minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which are the building blocks for healthy cells.

By attacking the cause of the cancer, my pet’s Lymphoma was eradicated. And because of the product’s special nutritional compound it keeps helping my dog strengthen it’s immune system and it’s resistance to all the additional ailments it will confront during its lifetime. 

However, I found something out that you need to know.

As fantastic as this product is, you could only get it from a pet professional like my breeder. It just isn’t sold through retail stores and you couldn’t get it by yourself.

I couldn’t understand why I needed to go through a Dog Breeder, Veterinarian, Groomer, Dog Whisperer, or Pet professional in order to get this supplement to help my dog.

Why would a company which made such an important product be unwilling to sell it to everyone?

Well I found out that the company that created and manufactures it, which is one of the oldest and most acclaimed in the pet industry with over 15 years in the business, restricts the purchases.

The reason was because they want to prevent puppy mills and bad organizations, those places that don’t have the best interests of the animals and people who love them, at heart.

Now you can get this wonderful supplement through this “trial” website to those “dedicated” and "educated" dog owners like you, direct access to the manufacturer.

There is no way to lose. You can now get this amazing nutritional supplement that is GUARANTEED to resolve your pet’s ailments – OR YOUR MONEY BACK!


Join Thousands of our Nation’s Best Breeders, Groomers and Veterinarians

It began with a radical idea to create a nutritional supplement that would actually do what it promised to do. The development of such a product could not be made overnight.

For 8 years a highly dedicated team of some of the pet industry’s best scientific, medical and professional minds came together to design a supplement that would resolve illness and diseases by going after the source.

Our group of three Veterinarians, a Medical Doctor, a Nutritional Scientist and a Pharmacist, worked long and hard to create the world’s most perfect nutritional supplement for pets.

More than just another vitamin, our product is a specifically developed compound that goes after the root cause of problems instead of just masking symptoms as so many other products.

The proof is in the results – not the hype.

As one of the oldest nutritional pet supplement companies in the industry with more than 15 years of solid success, we have been proud to have helped more than 300,000 dogs become healthy, happy and live long productive lives.


    (A sampling of testimonials from dozens of dog ailments)

“If I hadn't seen it for myself, I never would have thought it was possible. In less than 30 days, she turned back into the dog I used to know”
- Deven Grimaldi, Virginia

“I can honestly say that NuVet has saved me at least three vet bills.”
- Myra Kosak, California

“I just have to let you know that your product has been a lifesaver…”
- Mickie Redwine, North Carolina

“The product offered a money back guarantee which made me feel more comfortable about trying it.  In the end it helped improve my baby’s health dramatically.”
- Nicole McAddam, California

“Two weeks after I started her on these vitamins her weight came up and her eyes were completely clear and she was acting like a puppy.”
- Carla Isaacs, Texas

“…This is the best supplement I have ever tried in the 25+ years I have raised dogs.”
- Nancy Smallwood, North Carolina

Results may vary. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and not intended to guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results.



Your Dog's Lymphoma Disease can be Helped. Now!


Finally a nutritional supplement that:


Helps or Reduces Lymphoma quickly and safely, many times in just a few short weeks you can have your dog healthy, happy and full of life.

Attacks the root causes of the problem. This supplement does not just mask symptoms, allowing the disease to be made worse; it goes after the very cause of the problem so it will not come back.

Fully Protects for your dog. Because this is manufactured in an FDA (human) pharmaceutical lab, our product is one of only a few supplements that can make these claims.

Preserves the FULL Spectrum of the healing properties for each and every one of our all natural ingredients. If you cook or “heat treat” your vegetables, like most other supplements do, the process destroys the biological properties which are the heart of the ingredient’s healing abilities.

To maintain 100% consistent, each batch is microscopically scrutinized and fully tested to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness.

We adhere to the strictest guidelines that are normally applied only too human pharmaceuticals;

We believe in the natural healing power of these unique ingredients and for that reason our product is never heat treated. High temperatures kill vitamins A, E, and B1, Omega Fatty Acids and key Digestive Enzymes, making there healing properties ineffective.

Our patented process for paddle drying the Chicken Liver safeguards the full integrity of these therapeutic elements allowing the Omegas, key Vitamins and Digestive Enzymes to fully benefit your dog’s health, naturally, quickly, safely and most effectively.

Easily dissolves in the stomach and absorbs into the blood stream. Being an all-natural, human-grade and water soluble supplementit is very easy on your pet’s digestive system and without any interaction with other drugs you may be giving your pet;

Fortify your pet’s entire Immune system. Acting as a shield for your dog’s life and health, our supplement actually strengthens their resistance to all the other aliments and diseases that constantly attack your pet.

Our mission is to protect your dog against the onslaughts of all the cancers, heart disease, diabetes, cataracts, tumors, bone and joint problems and many, many more that can cripple and even kill your beloved companion.

A trouble free treatment process Offered as a tasty wafer you can give like a treat or in powder form with extra chicken liver for dogs that are fussy. It is so easy without the added expense and stress of going to the vet;

For only a few Pennies a day. Buying direct from the manufacturer allows you to pay as much as 30%-40% less than the cost of what typical veterinary offices charge for the exact same strength and dosage.

This amazing natural supplement contains clinically proven nutritional science that delivers remarkable decrease or complete eradication of your dog's Lymphoma, while at the same time protecting its health for the rest of its life.

... So, this incredible supplement contains the proven nutritional science that delivers unequaled safety, health and protection for your dog, while its lymphoma and related symptoms are kept in check or eliminated, throughout its life.


Works Fast to
Helps your dog's Lymphoma


It is incredible how fast this supplement works, frequently as fast as a couple weeks.

You should still allow up to eight weeks for results. Depending on the degree of toxicity and the level of what is affecting your dog, many canines show dramatic improvement in as little as two weeks.

Here is why.

By making sure that all its ingredients remain water-soluble and all natural, even after processing, it ensures that vital elements are absorbed quickly by your dog's metabolism.

Your dog will experience quick relief from Lymphoma through one of the safest, most natural methods available today. They can be back to his or her happy energetic self in no time.


Decreasing the Root Source of the disease and Helps Reduce the vicious cycle from returning.

This is the most heart wrenching part about Lymphoma in dogs. The actual cause is often misdiagnosed and mistreated because it can come from so many hard-to-identify sources.

Is it any wonder that veterinarians and dog owners wind up treating the symptoms without ever solving the real root problem?

On top of that, Medical journals are full of pages that tell the many horrific tales of symptomatic treatments that only create more problems and can actually make your dog sicker.

So what makes this supplement different?

We do not just tackle the symptoms; we penetrate and reduce your dog’s Lymphoma at the source, strengthening its natural resistance and defense against pathogens, irritants, allergens and toxins.

This holistic approach stops you’re dog’s suffering and halts the procession of never-ending vet bills. Now you’ll have more money in your pocket and have a pet that can live stronger, happier and longer.

Our nutritional supplement works by flushing the cells of toxins and improves your dog’s resistance to the pathogens that cause illness and disease in the first place; the root source of your dog’s cancer is decreased, quickly, and safely.


Only All-Natural, Water-Soluble Ingredients so it’s Easy for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Why would you give your dog something that will make your dog even sicker?

Prescribed drugs like Antibiotics, Steroids and NSAIDS (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs), can be very hard on your dog’s digestive system, often causing their immune system severe damage by flooding poison into the bloodstream.

Fat-based or synthetic ingredients are often the basis for many medications and can be very hard for their metabolic system to breakdown.

We think this is just foolish.

All our ingredients are made for easy digestion and absorption. Better digestion makes the vital nutrients become completely synthesized by your dog’s metabolism, providing superior benefit for all the healing ingredients.

You will never worry over potentially malicious side effects like the ones associated with most drugs.

Our product has NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS with any drugs you may be giving your dog.

This nutritional supplement is completely safe, even if your dog accidentally eats too much, he or she will generally be safe from adverse reactions. (Cases where pregnant females have accidentally eaten a 6-month supply have shown No adverse reaction beyond mild vomiting or loose stool.)

The bottom line is we only use all natural, human-grade, water soluble ingredients so your dog will NOT have an adverse affects even for those pets with extra sensitive stomach.


One of the few Pet Products that’s Manufactured in an FDA (Human) Pharmaceutical lab

So many pet food and supplement companies are notorious for being unregulated making their safeguards and purity levels no where near that of human grade products.

It’s no wonder the news is filled with stories of these products being tainted with toxins that seep into the dog food and supplement supply causing all kinds of illness and disease.

We are steadfast against this kind of manufacturing practice and the number on reason we are completely different!

As one of the few pet products actually made in an FDA human pharmaceutical lab, we are unlike any other supplement made this way because of the expense and close monitoring required.

We make our product in a FDA approved lab, where every human-grade ingredient is quarantined and microscopically tested before ever going into the product. Each and every batch quality controlled to be exactly the same in purity and effectiveness.

Although this is virtually unheard of in the pet industry, we do it and we guarantee our product is 100% safe and consistent from batch to batch.

Because our nutritional supplement is manufactured in an FDA approved human-grade lab, your dog is totally protected by the same strict guidelines reserved only for human pharmaceuticals.


Our Patented Process keeps

the Natural Healing Properties Intact

Our Patented process contains ZERO BINDERS and we NEVER use COATINGS as part of the manufacturing of our supplement. Our goal is to make certain this product is pure, natural and maintains its efficacy – every single time.

Heat treating ingredients only damages the healing properties that are so vital in making the supplement do its job. Vitamins, Enzymes and Omega Fatty Acids are very delicate and when you heat them up during production they lose their power and make the product worthless.

We never heat treat so all our ingredients are whole and effective.

Chicken liver is a great source of vitamins and proteins but when you cook it full potency is lost. To begin with we only use REAL chicken liver and instead of cooking away the nutrients, we prefer to preserve all the chicken liver’s natural goodness by “paddle drying” with a patented process that maintains its natural healing properties.

All the Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamins, Proteins and Digestive Enzymes, from the paddled dried chicken liver, now stay with the product giving your pet the full spectrum of health benefits from the ingredients.

This process works so well that several major universities have researched how our specialized compounds are able to work so well.

The reason is our exact combinations of ingredients, produced by an exclusive manufacturing process, creates a scenario where the body actually begins to heal itself.


By formulating specific amounts of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, these University researchers have concluded that we have discovered a way to utilize these key components to speed up recovery and promote a healthier more energetic life.


A Strong Immune System is the Best Protection against disease and illnesses that constantly attack’s your dog.

The first step is to rebuild the damaged nerve sheaths and flush the red blood cells of the toxins that cause illnesses. But equally as important is to restore and strengthen your dog’s immune system so it can eliminate or reduce the actual cause of the problem as the source.

But this is just a start!

When your dog has a strong and optimally functioning immune system it can fend off the harmful free radicals and pathogens that attack its body on a daily basis.

Just like a castle’s walls, your dog’s immune system will be able to resist the diseases, allergies, skeleton issues, devastating cancers, diabetes and heart diseases that continually try to break down their health.

In the end, the strength of their immune system will not only stop symptoms in their tracks but can help prevent illnesses from returning. What could be better than relieving your pet of their suffering and getting back the tail wagging bundle of joy they were?

Help the vicious cycle of sickness and defend against the multitude of illnesses before they become more complex and serious.


Easy to use Wafers that can

Put an End to expensive Vet bills


It’s amazing how simple this is!

Our all natural wafer is a delicious real-chicken liver supplement that your dog will think is a treat.

Just give them this convenient wafer once a day and you’ll see a change for the better you won’t believe.

Before you know it your dog will be begging you for it.

For the hard to please pet it comes in an easy powder form that contains an extra amount of nutrient rich chicken liver. Just take a level scoop, (included in the jar), and sprinkle it over their wet or dry dog food and watch them go at it. Theirs no need to add water!

This simple act of loving kindness is all you have to do to reduce your dog of allergies, diseases and other illnesses. And in return you’ll get back the healthy, loving pet in no time at all.


    Order Direct from the Manufacturer


As incredible as this product is (the secret of Top Vets, Groomers and Breeders), we have never before offered it to the general public.

The only way you could get it was through a pet industry professional – until now!

For years a recommendation was the only way to get the product but the public demand for direct access grew and grew and grew.

We heard you loud and clear so now for the first time ever, dedicated dog lovers can buy this product right from the manufacturer and at a price so low, just about any pet owner can get it.

Finally your dog’s diseases, allergies, joint problems and even cancers, can be helped in no time, safely and effectively saving your pet from their continual suffering and saving you a bundle at veterinary office.

But just like all good things – this won’t last for long!

Priced as low as 53 cents a day

for a 3-month supply


You could spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on medicated treatments and still not get the amazing benefits of this product.


* Improves Most Lymphoma at the Source

* Works Fast

* All Natural

* Patented Process

* Easy on the Stomach

* Guaranteed 100% Safe

* Strengthens the Immune System

* Used by Over 300,000+ Pets

But if you order today, direct-from-the-manufacturer, you'll pay 30-40% below what veterinary offices across the U.S. are charging for the same dosage.

For dogs weighing 5 lbs to 110 lbs, a 3-month supply is...


  • ONLY $55.50 (90 servings) -- that's just **62 cents a day;
...or save 15% more on auto-ship!
  • ONLY $47.15 (90 servings) -- that's just **53 cents a day.


And remember, because this supplement is all natural and water-soluble, it's SAFE even if your dog is pregnant or taking some medication.


** DOSAGE: One serving per day for dogs weighing 5 lbs to 105 lbs.
----Dogs weighing less than 5 lbs should take 1/2 serving per day.
----Dogs over 105 lbs should take 2 servings per day.

**For Dogs with health problems, we recommend double the listed dosage for the first 2 weeks your pet is on the supplement (One in evening and one at night). Once improvement is apparent, doses can be decreased to the maintenance levels listed above. Severe cases you can triple dosage until an improvement is apparent.

** AUTO-SHIP: Auto-Ship saves you the hassle of remembering to make your next order by automatically sending your shipments and charging your credit card. Auto-Ship may be cancelled or modified at any time by calling our Toll Free number. Once an auto-ship order has been shipped to you, any refunds will be charged a 20% restocking fee.


Your purchase is Protected by
our Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Join the thousands of pet owners who have taken us up on our risk-free offer.

We are so confident you will be delighted with the results, your purchase comes with a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

Simply feed this revolutionary supplement to your dog for up to eight weeks. If this doesn't eliminate or greatly reduce your dog's lymphoma quickly and safely, we'll give your money back.

...It's that simple.

Then, continue feeding this remarkable supplement to your dog, and you'll keep its immune system strong and resistant to most ailments throughout its life.

Our guarantee assures you are getting the same high standards and performance expected by the nation’s top breeders and vets for their own pets.

This is the same guarantee we have carried for more than 15 years. So you are assured that we stand behind our product, just as we have for over a decade.


Don't let your dog suffer another day

Order today, direct from the manufacturer, and your dog can start feeling better in just a few days.

This is the same supplement used by the nation's top breeders and veterinarians. And it's now available to you in this 60-day RISK-FREE OFFER.

... Plus, you pay 30-40% below what Veterinary offices across the U.S. are charging if you act now! So don't wait.


Order by Phone or Online

Call Toll Free 1-800-474-7044    ref 10901

One of our operators will be happy to assist you.
Open Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.




There is no way to lose.

Give your dog the most amazing nutritional supplement on the market; watch them get healthier stronger and more vibrant and if you don’t become a believer we’ll return the cost of your purchase.

Stop your pet from suffering and don’t worry – you’ve got our Guarantee.




John Landon


P.S. The life of your pet is just a phone call or click away. This will give you back the happy bundle of fur you once had and keep them that way.

P.P.S. For only $55.50 for a 90 serving (that's a 3 months’ supply for most dogs), our direct-from-the-manufacturer limited special is almost half the price of many Veterinarians for the exact same dosage and we’ll lower that price even more when you go on the Auto Ship Program!

P.P.P.S. I implore you to take advantage of this offer now because it won’t last long. Get your pet on the right track to health and happiness now before it’s too late.



... Remember, there's absolutely no risk.

If you are not delighted with this incredible supplement, let us know within 60 days and we’ll return your money. It’s that simple!

What are you waiting for? Order today, while this offer is still available.


John Landon

P.S. Don't let your dog suffer another day. Having a healthy and happy pet is just a click or a phone call away!

P.P.S. At just $55.50 for 90 servings (that's a 3 months supply for most dogs), this direct-from-the-manufacturer offer is almost half the price of many Veterinarians for the same dosage (...and even lower on auto-ship)!

P.P.P.S. This is a limited time offer, so you must act now!